Selected Works and Performances

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Opera Orchestra Wind
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Paradises Lost (2012) 115'
Opera based on the science-fiction novella by Ursula K. Le Guin; libretto by Marcia Johnson.
commissioned by the University of Illinois and premiered in April 2012; a chamber version was premiered by Third Angle in Portland, Oregon, in January 2012.
Revised version (with piano, semi-staged) premiered at SummerWorks, Toronto, August 2013. Orchestral excerpts featured at the 2011 Spoleto Festival, and a workshop with Opera In Flight, Gershwin Hotel, New York City, April 2-3, 2010. An early version was featured as part of the New York City Opera's VOX 2006 festival; American Opera Projects performed exceprts in New York City in 2007.

My Mother's Ring (2008) 15'00
(Chamber opera, commissioned by Tapestry New Opera; libretto by Marcia Johnson)
Premiere: 27-28 March 2009, Tapestry New Opera, Toronto. Wayne Strongman, artistic and music director.


Kinds of Light for cello and chamber orchestra (2022) 20'00
(commissioned by Sinfonia da Camera and the Oberlin Conservatory)
Premiere: 5 December 2022, Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin Sinfonietta with Dmitry Kouzov, cello, conducted by Tim Weiss.

Kepler for orchestra (2020) 7'00
(commissioned by the Quincy Symphony)
Premiere: November 20, 2021, Quincy, Illinois. Quincy Symphony, conducted by Bruce Briney.

Winged Helix for the Grossman Ensemble (2019-20) 16'00
(commissioned by the Center for Contemporary Composition at the University of Chicago)
Grossman Ensemble, conducted by Jerry Hou; recording session, March 2020.

Sunset in All Directions for cello and chamber orchestra (2018) 12'00
(commissioned by Sinfonia da Camera)
Premiere: 27 April 2018, Urbana, Illinois. Sinfonia da Camera with Dmitry Kouzov, cello, conducted by the composer.

Shindychew Dances for chamber orchestra (2015) 10'00
(arrangement of excerpts from Paradises Lost, written for Stephen Ferre and Syracuse University)
Premiere: 26 March 2015, Syracuse University Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Stephen Ferre.

Wind Moving Colors in the Air for chamber orchestra (2011) 8'00
(commissioned by Sergei Pavlov for the Spoleto USA festival)
Premiere: 30 May 2011, Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, conducted by Sergei Pavlov.

The Machine Awakes for soprano and chamber orchestra (2009) 10'00
(commissioned by Sinfonia da Camera; text by Richard Powers, from the novel Galatea 2.2)
Premiere: 7 March 2009, Sinfonia da Camera, Urbana, Illinois, conducted by the composer; Amy van Roekel, soprano.
(An earlier version for soprano and piano was premiered by Caroline Worra, soprano and Ling-Ti Huang, piano, in Urbana, May 2007.)

Flow for recorder quartet and orchestra (2006) 8'00
(commissioned by the New Philharmonic in commemoration of their 30th anniversary)
Premiere: 20-21 October 2006, Quartet New Generation with the New Philharmonic, conducted by Kirk Muspratt.

Transfiguration for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone soloists with orchestra (2004) 22'00
(commissioned by the Quad City Symphony; text from Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm)
Premiere: 2-3 October 2004, Mary Wilson, soprano; Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano; Eric Ashcraft, tenor; Paul Grizzell, baritone; Quad City Symphony, conducted by Donald Schleicher.

The Floating World for orchestra (2004, rev. 2007) 8'30
University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Donald Schleicher dir., 19 September 2008
(commissioned by Libertyville High School)
Premiere: 19 December 2004, Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Chicago. Libertyville H.S. Orchestra, Jeremy Marino, director.

In the Balance for orchestra (2000, rev. 2008) 10'00
(commissioned by the Central Illinois Youth Symphony with assistance from the Illinois Arts Council)
Performances include the Illinois All-State honors orchestra, 2 February 2003, conducted by Donald Schleicher.

Chuan Yueh Yo Gou (Through Shadow) for trombone, Pink Martini, oboe and strings (1999) 7'00
(commissioned by Pink Martini)
Premiere: 18-19 November 1999, Portland, Oregon. Robert Taylor, tbn, Pink Martini with the Oregon Symphony, conducted by Norman Leyden. Further performances with orchestras in the US, Canada and Europe.

Unapproachable Light for orchestra (1996) 9'00
(commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra)
Premiere: 19 May 1996, Carnegie Hall, New York City. The American Composers Orchestra, conducted by Ingo Metzmacher.
ISU Symphony performance 20 September 1998, conducted by the composer. Recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada on Vienna Modern Masters (released March 2000).
mp3 excerpt, 2:16

Cascadilla Falls for orchestra (1993) 19'30
(winner of an ASCAP Foundation Award, 1995)
Reading: 1 May 1995, American Composers Orchestra, New York City, reading session conducted by Dennis Russell Davies.

Mébasi for chamber orchestra (1991) 4'00
(winner of an ASCAP Foundation Award, 1991)
Premiere: Cornell University, 23 February 1991. Festival Chamber Orchestra conducted by the composer. Oberlin Conservatory, October 1993; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Timothy Weiss, director.

Wind Ensemble

Maximum Underground for winds and percussion (2023) 7'00
(originally commissioned by Illinois State University)
Premiere: 1 November 2023, Urbana; Illinois Wind Symphony, Kevin Geraldi, conductor.

Always Coming Home for winds and percussion (2018) 3'00
(commissioned by the University of Illinois)
Premiere: 21 February 2019, Tempe, Arizona. CBDNA National Conference; Illinois Wind Symphony, Stephen Peterson, conductor.

Two Spirituals for soprano, winds and percussion (2015) 6'00
(commissioned by Linda Moorhouse for the Illinois Wind Symphony)
Premiere: 28 March 2015, Nashville. Illinois Wind Symphony, Linda Moorhouse, conductor with Ollie Watts Davis, soprano.

Shindychew Dances for winds and percussion (2012) 9'30
(commissioned by the Illinois Wind Symphony)
Premiere: 21 September 2012, University of Illinois. Illinois Wind Symphony, Robert W. Rumbelow, conductor.

The Surface of Last Scattering for winds and percussion (2003-4) 10'30
(commissioned by a consortium of six universities)
Premiere: 23 February 2004, University of Illinois. University Wind Symphony, James F. Keene, director.

Shattering Suns for winds and percussion (1997, rev. 1998) 21'00
mp3 excerpts
Premiere: 9 November 1997, Normal, Illinois. ISU Wind Symphony, Stephen K. Steele, director.
Featured at Symposium XXIV, Virginia Chapter of the College Band Directors National Association, 11-13 February 1999, conducted by the composer.


Catalog of Rare Diseases video (2023) 7'20
with Dr. Aditi Kantipuly; Music by Stephen Andrew Taylor, with Rudolf Haken, electric violin.
Online premiere: September 2023.

Solaria video (2021) 8'00
Written and directed by Smitha Vishveshwara; Visuals by Rebecca Wiltfong and Nic Morse; Music by Stephen Andrew Taylor, with Jinyou Lee, violin.
Online premiere: April 2021.

Data-Driven Music from the Coronavirus video (2020)
A collection of data-driven music and visualizations of protein structures in SARS CoV-2, using data from the Coronavirus3D project and the Protein Data Bank, with sounds made by the Kyma sound design environment.

Maumee River Index sonification with video (2018) 15'00
(animation and graphics by Nate Wooten)
Installation: September 2018, Urbana.

Ocean of Air for trombone & electronics (2017) 10'00
(commissioned by Kenneth Thompkins)
Premiere: 8 January 2018, Detroit. Kenneth Thompkins, trombone.

Indian Hedgehog for alto saxophone & electronics (2015) 11'30
(commissioned by Debra Richtmeyer for the 2015 World Saxophone Congress)
Premiere: 12 July 2015, Strasbourg, France. Debra Richtmeyer, saxophone.

Writhe for five players & optional electronics (2014) 9'30
(written for the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players and Nouveau Classical Project)
Premiere: 13-14 November 2014, New York City. Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, Eduadro Leandro, conductor.

Sonic Hedgehog for flute, harp & electronics (2014) 6'30
(commissioned by the Aletheia Duo for the 2014 World Harp Congress)
Premiere: 24 July 2014, Sydney, Australia. Jonathan Keeble, flute; Ann Yeung, harp.

Agoraphobia for flute, harp, electronics and video (2008) 12'00
(commissioned by Ann Yeung for the 2008 World Harp Congress)
Premiere: 20 July 2008, Amsterdam. Jonathan Keeble, flute; Ann Yeung, harp; Stephen Taylor, laptop. 2nd movement premiered in New York and Montreal, August 2009.
mp3, 6:30

Silent Black Outside for Gamelan Semara Dana and electronics (2008) 11'00
(text by Ursula K. Le Guin, from the novella Paradises Lost)
Premiere: 18 June 2008, Denpasar, Bali; the Bali Arts Festival. East-West Ensemble with Stephen Taylor, laptop; I Ketut Gede Asnawa, director.

Nebulae for harp, video and electronics (2005) 10'00
video excerpt, 3:19 (3.1 MB)
(commissioned by Ann Yeung for the 2005 World Harp Congress, supported by a grant from the American Music Center;
live video based on artwork by Hua Nian)
Premiere: 21 July 2005, Dublin. Ann Yeung, harp.

Seven Microworlds for flute, guitar, and electronics (2000) 11’30
mp3 excerpt
, 1:14
(commissioned by Angelo Favis and Kimberly McCoul-Risinger)
Premiere: 3 November 2000, Toronto. Favis-Risinger Duo.

Pulse Aria / Achoo Lullaby for viola or flute, live electronics, and tape (1998) 10’00 (flute version, 2003)
(commissioned by Kate Hamilton)
Premiere: 15 September 1998, Illinois State University. Kate Hamilton, viola.
Performances by Kate Hamilton and others around the US, Europe, and New Zealand.

Pale Blue Dot for electronic ensemble (1998) 5’30
(Arrangement of the 4th movement of Shattering Suns)
Premiere: 23 October 1998, San Juan, Puerto Rico. ISU Digital Arts Consort.

Choral & Vocal

Only Yes for SATB chorus (2023) 5'30
(text adapted from Rainer Maria Rilke; commissioned by Northwestern University)
premiere: 7 March 2024, Evanston, Illinois; Northwestern University Chamber Chorus, conducted by Andrew Megill.

Their Pattern Still There for SATB chorus (2022) 4'00
(text adapted from Kim Stanley Robinson; written for the University of Illinois Chamber Singers)
premiere: 15 November 2021, Urbana, Illinois; University of Illinois Chamber Singers, conducted by Andrew Megill.

Four Spirituals for soprano and string quartet (2014) 13'00
(commissioned by the Jupiter Quartet)
After Hall Johnson; Betty Jackson King; H.T. Burleigh; and Margaret Bonds.
Premiere: 19 September 2014, Monticello, Illinois. Ollie Watts Davis with the Jupiter Quartet, Allerton Barn Music Festival.
Released on the CD "Rootsongs" by Azica Records, 2016.

"Living with Her" & "The Gift" for baritone and piano (2013, rev. 2018) 6'00
(text by Li-Young Lee; written for Nathan and Julie Gunn)

The Orchestra for mezzo-soprano and piano (2007) 3'00
mp3, 3:27
(text by Kim Stanley Robinson, from the novel The Memory of Whiteness)
Premiere: 7 May 2007, New York City. Abby Fischer, mezzo-soprano; Kelly Horsted, piano.

The Machine Awakes for soprano and piano (2007) 9'00
(for American Opera Projects; text by Richard Powers, from the novel Galatea 2.2)
Premiere: 19 May 2007, University of Illinois. Caroline Worra, soprano; Ling-Ti Huang, piano.
mp3, 10:23 - Hwajung Yoo, soprano; Stephen Taylor, piano

Sun Setting at Cannon Beach for SATB chorus (2003) 2'30
mp3, 2:27
(text by Ursula K. Le Guin)
Premiere: 23 October 2004, University of Illinois. University Chorus, Chet Alwes, director.

Areophany for SATB chorus (2000) 4'30
(text: ancient words for Mars in various languages; inspired by Kim Stanley Robinson)
Premiere: 4 March 2001, Illinois State University. University Madrigals, James Major, director.

Four Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons for SATB chorus (1999) 6’00
(commissioned by Kathleen Keenan-Takagi)
Premiere (first movement): 16 April 1999, Illinois State University. University Chorus, Kathleen Keenan-Takagi, director.

Ave Regina Coelorum for women's chorus and organ (1995) 7'00
Premiere: 11 March 1996, Pittsburg, Kansas. Pittsburg State University Choir, Susan Marchant, director. Tour of Southern states, March 1996.

Beginners for a cappella chorus (1992; poem by Denise Levertov) 6'00
Premiere: 30 April 1993, Pittsburg, Kansas. Pittsburg State University Choir, Susan Marchant, director. 25 February 1994, Kansas Music Educators Association conference, Wichita, Kansas; tour of Southwestern states, March 1994.

Solo & Chamber

For Jen for alto saxophone and piano (2023) 10'00
(commissioned by Christopher Anderson in memory of Jennifer Klauda Anderson)
Premiere: 13 October 2023, Cedar Fall, IA. Christopher Anderson, saxophone; Casey Dierlam, piano.

Piranesi for flute and piano (2021) 10'50
(commissioned by the Fort Hays State University New Music Ensemble)
Premiere: 14 November 2021, Hays, KS. Hilary Shepard, flute; Gustavo do Carno, piano.

Chaconne/Labyrinth for string quartet (2020) 19'30
(commissioned by the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music)
Online premiere: April 2021, Jupiter Quartet.

Oxygen for harp and doublebass (2017) 13'00
(commissioned by the River Town Duo)
Premiere: 21 September 2017, Tucson, AZ. River Town Duo: Claire Happel, harp and Philip Alejo, doublebass.

Green Trees Are Bending for piano (2016) 3'00
(commissioned by Gloria Cheng)
Premiere: 11 November 2017, New York City. Gloria Cheng, piano.

for Steven Stucky for horn, violin, and piano (2016) 22'00
(commissioned by the Bakken Trio)
Premiere: 16 October 2016, Minneapolis, MN. Bernhard Scully with the Bakken Trio.

Archaea for two carillons (2015) 16'00
(commissioned by the University of Illinois for their sesquicentennial)
Premiere: 21 February 2017, Urbana, IL; Sesquicentennial celebration.

Variations Ascending for piano (2015) 20'00
(commissioned by Ian Hobson)
Premiere: 13 October 2015, New York City. Ian Hobson, piano.

Hox for saxophone quartet (2014) 10'00
Premiere: 11 July 2015, Strasbourg, France. Quadrivium Quartet: Chris Anderson, Nathan Mandel, Pin-Hua Chen, and Jennifer Klauda Anderson.

Kinesin for doublebass or cello (2014) 3'00
(written for Michael Cameron)
Premiere: 20 August 2014, Krakow, Poland. Michael Cameron, doublebass.

Ubiquitin for harpsichord (2013) 5'00
(commissioned by Gloria Cheng for Piano Spheres)
Premiere: 30 April 2013, Los Angeles. Piano Spheres concert series: Gloria Cheng, harpsichord.

Insulin for soprano saxophone and harp (2012) 5'00
Premiere: 29 July 2012, Baltimore, Maryland. Duo Pictures on Silence, Noah Getz and Jacqueline Pollauf.

Decohere for soprano and bari saxophones (2012) 7'00
Premiere: 14 March 2012, Tempe, Arizona. Duo Ogni Suono, Phil Pierick and Noa Even.
Video from St. Leonard's Chapel, Scotland, 12 July 2012.

Everywhere Entangled for 12 percussionists (2010) 9'40
(commissioned by the Moores School Percussion Ensemble at the University of Houston)
Premiere: 1 November 2010, Houston, Texas. The Moores School Percussion Ensemble, Blake Wilkins, director.
mp3, 9:37

World without Words for 13 saxophones (2009) 8'30
(commissioned by Debra Richtmeyer)
Premiere: 4 March 2010, Athens, Georgia, North American Saxophone Alliance conference. UI Saxophone Ensemble, Debra Richtmeyer, director.
mp3, 8:30

The God Particle for solo contrabass (2008) 5'00
Premiere: March 12, 2009, Urbana. Michael Cameron, bass.

Agoraphobia for flute and harp (2008) 5'30 (acoustic version)
Premiere: 19 April 2008, Belgrade, Serbia. Jonathan Keeble, flute; Ann Yeung, harp.

The Dove Is Sad for piano (2006) 5'00
Premiere: 13 February 2007, Chicago; Amy Briggs, piano.
Released on the CD "What Is Left Behind" by Matthew McCright, piano, 2018.

Seven Memorials for piano (2002-03) 32'00
mp3 excerpts of individual movements
(commissioned by Gloria Cheng and Piano Spheres)
Premiere: 24 October 2004, Piano Spheres concert series, Los Angeles; Gloria Cheng, piano; 5 movements performed at the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music, 2006.

What Falls Away Is Always for horn and marimba (2003) 7'30
(commissioned by Christopher and Leslie Norton)
Premiere: 5 May 2003, Nashville; Christopher and Leslie Norton, horn and marimba.

Unfurl for two harps (2002) 8'00
, 6:39
(commissioned by the Pacific Harp Duo)
Premiere: 24 July 2002. World Harp Congress, Geneva, Switzerland; Ann Yeung and Kyo-Jin Lee, harps.
Published by Fatrock Ink

Quark Shadows for horn, viola, doublebass and prepared piano (2001) 13'00
(commissioned by the Chicago Symphony)
Premiere: 18 November 2001. Chicago Symphony MusicNOW; Oto Carillo, horn; Max Raimi, viola; Michael Hovnanian, doublebass; Amy Briggs, piano.
mp3, movement 1 (5:12)
mp3, movement 2 (7:30)

Viriditas for flute, viola and harp (2000) 5'00
(First prize in the 2000 Debussy Trio Foundation Composition Contest)
Premiere: July 24, 2001. Mozart Festival, San Luis Obispo; the Debussy Trio.
Published by Fatrock Ink; recording by the Debussy Trio released in summer 2009.

Golden Age for solo trombone (1997) 3'00
Premiere: 10 December 1997, Portland, Oregon. Robert Taylor, trombone.

Sparking and Slipping for brass trio (1995) 8'30
Premiere: 20 March 1995, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. James Tapia, tpt; Stephen Taylor, hn; Robert Kehle, tbn. Further performances in San Antonio, TX and Portland, OR.

Motion3 for wind quintet (1994-95) 12'00
(commissioned by Northwestern University)
Premiere (first movement): 26 May 1994, Evanston, Illinois. Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble, Don Owens, director. Full premiere by the Sonneries Quintet at ISU, 5 November 1999.

Cyclonic Skies for oboe and piano (1992-93) 11’30
(commissioned by NuClassix)
Premiere: 19 May 1993, Boston. John Lathwell, oboe; Michael Salmirs, pf.

Duo for flute and clarinet (1991) 5'00
(commissioned by the Syracuse Society for New Music, with the assistance of a grant from Meet the Composer) Premieres: Cazenovia, NY, 14 July 1991; Ithaca, NY, 4 August 1991. Linda Greene, fl; Barbara Rabin, cl. Other performances around the US.

Starry Night for piano (1990) 9'00
Premiere: Cornell University, 2 December 1990. Wendy Maraniss, pf. CalArts, 12 December 1990. Bryan Pezzone, pf.

Quicksilver for oboe, horn and viola (1990) 5'00
mp3 excerpt
(Honorable Mention, International Horn Society Composition Contest)
Premiere: Cornell University, 17 July 1990. John Lathwell, ob; Stephen Taylor, hn; Carol Grohs, va.

Precipice for trombone (1989) 6'00
Premiere: Minneapolis, 19 March 1991. Dan Cloutier, trombone.

Dusk for six players (1988-89) fl/cl/vn/vc/perc/pf 12'00
Premiere: Aspen Music Festival, July 1988; Cornell University, 23 April 1989. Ensemble conducted by the composer. Barnsdall Auditorium, Los Angeles, 4 May 1991; Members of XTET, conducted by Barry Brisk.

Glance for flute (1988) 5'00
Premiere: Cornell University, 23 September 1988. Laura Campbell, fl. Further performances throughout the United States and France.

Trio for horn, viola and piano (1987) 9'00
(winner, New York State Federation of Music Clubs Contest)
Premiere: Cornell University, 21 November 1987. Dan Coffman, hn; Tyler White, va; Stephen Taylor, pf.

Parallax for 12 brass (1987) 5'00
Premiere: Northwestern University, 22 April 1987. Student ensemble conducted by Laura Rexroth; further performances in Evanston by the Millar Brass Ensemble, Bruce Briney, dir. and the Northwestern Contemporary Music Ensemble, Don Owens, dir.

Chiaroscuro for horn and string quartet (1986) 8'00
(Honorable Mention, International Horn Society Composition Contest)
Premiere: Northwestern University, 14 March 1987. David Griffin, hn; Paul Manaster, vn; Christina Fong and Mike Twomey, va; Jennifer Duitsman, vc; conducted by the composer.