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Shockwave: Into the Maelstrom
The second movement of Shattering Suns by Stephen Taylor. Duration: 3'45"

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shockwave picture
Watercolor and pastel by Hua Nian.

Shockwave: Into the Maelstrom, in contrast to the slow tempos of the first movement, begins fast and constantly accelerates. The melody, starting in the muted brass, swerves crazily to avoid colliding with spiralling figurations in the other instruments. Sometimes the two converge, and after a series of these violent collisions, the melody disappears in a fiery cascade. This movement was partly inspired by a scene in The Empire Strikes Back, in which the spacecraft Millenium Falcon must navigate through a field of asteroids hurtling towards the ship: the dizzy feeling of plunging into a dangerous storm.

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